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Stella’s Ride offers a new kind of employee benefit that increases the opportunities for people to experience The Pet Effect which proved that just 10-minutes of petting a dog decreases cortisol levels and reduces stress. Also, 75% of Millennials (the largest segment of the population) surveyed by Fidelity Investments said they feel it’s important for companies to create a culture that includes supporting different causes. 

We offer companies several ways to boost morale.



Evidence has consistently shown that when rescued dogs are treated to time outside a kennel environment, their true personalities are revealed. We meet your team for an outing with dogs that need help finding a home. We are joined by a dog expert who helps your employees get to know the dogs’ behavior and personality. Following the interaction, employees post photos and videos to their social media channels along with a donation link to the participating rescue organization. 



If you’ve got in-office teams, join the likes of Google, Amazon and Ben & Jerry’s by creating a pet-friendly work environment. Surprisingly, only 8% of US companies are Pet-Friendly, yet 91% of people say they feel more engaged and that they feel their boss supports their mental well being by implementing a pet-friendly workspace. To start, we survey your employees and work with you to build a pet-friendly program that can be managed internally going forward. Our approach is inspired by Better Cities for Pets who have developed a Pets Work at Work Tool Kit.



We curate interactions that are tailor-made to your team. Each outing is treated like a special event. We plan an outing to the beach, the mountains, or other location that is meaningful to you and special for our four-legged friends. For a completely custom outing, we can arrange food, drinks, or entertainment before or after our interaction with the dogs. 

Each OUTING can coincide with “holidates” that are meaningful to your company